Samsung DVM

Samsung’s integrated control system is the perfect choice for managing large, medium, and small systems with only a handful of indoor units or large projects with multiple outdoor systems.

The Samsung DVM S is a world leading variable refrigerant flow system with dual variable inverter compressors. With vapor injected, asymmetric, DC scroll technology, the DVM currently leads the industry in efficiency based upon AHRI 1230 standards. Samasung has over 500 000 sizable systems worldwide with hundreds of installations countrywide.

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Compatible with:

4-way-cassette mini-4-way multi-position-air-handler-unit
 4 Way Cassette Mini 4 Way Cassette
1-way-cassette ceiling-wall-convertible
 1 Way Cassette Ceiling/Wall Convertible Multi-Position Air Handler Unit
neo-forte-wall-mount slim-duct hsp-duct
Neo Forte Wall Mount Slim Duct H.S.P. Duct
msp-duct hsp-duct-2015 msp-duct-2015
M.S.P. Duct H.S.P. Duct (2015) M.S.P. Duct (2015)